The IP address is the default router login ip of TP-Link,NETGEAR and Linksys. belongs to a private address (reserved address) in the C class address. Just like

The so-called private address is not enough for the public network (Internet), it can only be used in the intranet. Any computer, printer, router and other network devices can use this address. But in the same inner network, only one device can use the address, it is generally the gateway of the segment.

Configuring the home router users believe that is no stranger to this address. is a IP address used by some of the LAN router interface. If your computer is used to automatically obtain IP address, then you will find that the default gateway is configured to

If you set the IP address to your right hand, the default gateway must also fill in the, or you will not be able to access the Internet.

However, you can manually modify the address of the router’s LAN interface, and you can modify it to any address in, because the range of C class private address is between It goes without saying that the router’s LAN interface is only one of the C class private addresses, which is changed to other C class addresses.

Of course, there is no problem, it will not affect the normal work of the router, and will not affect the computer’s Internet access. If there is a change, when the IP address is manually configured, the gateway must fill in the address after the change of the LAN interface of the router, and the IP address must be in the corresponding network segment.