The IP address is some family broadband router login IP, is the default IP of various D-Link and Netgear models. But you can change the management console that uses the network router at any time. is a private IPv4 network address. A home router can use it to build a default gateway. In such a router, you can access its management console and point to the through the Web browser.

Any brand of router, or any computer on the local network for this problem, can use this address or a similar private IPv4 address. In any IP address, only one device on the network uses to avoid address conflict.

Can not open IP
1. Make sure that your router address is, because it may be, which can look at the label on the back of the router or the router’s instructions.
2. Set the computer local connection to automatically get the IP address.

How to login the ip address
1. Open the IE browser and enter
2. Enter the username and password, the default username is admin, the default password is admin.